Google Analytics Training

Learn how to track and monitor your own website activity

Book a 1-1 training session with an expert

You will need: 

 – A computer/ laptop with active internet connection


 – Notepad

 – Pen

 – Ear phones or phone with speaker capability

 – Phone

By the end of training you will know:

– Where your audience is

– How visitors reached your page

– Which pages they use the most and which they abandon

– What pages they stay on the longest

– Track and view reports, improve conversion

Learn how to review your websites performance from an expert web design virtual assistant. By evaluating analytical data and making changes you can increase your income and traffic to you website. You can book a private session here


Google analytics training for beginners

Learn more about your audience and improve your results.


Google Analytics Training

1-1 Private Online Tuition 

Find out more about your audience and improve traffic 

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Level: Beginner


Improve your performance,

Learn how to review your own website.

Learn how customers behave when they visit your website. Learn how they got their and their behaviour.


Make extra income,

Learn how to review your clients website.

Improve your clients performance by tracking and monitoring their website performance.


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You will receive:

Training session notes

Training instructions

Opportunity to ask questions 1-1 with an expert

Certificate of completion

Email and live support

Opportunity to schedule a tailored intermediate session