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Virtual Assistant Courses

VA Software and Tools Course

Virtual Assistant Software and Tools Course

This course is for Virtual assistants who want to know what the best tools are to manage their virtual assistant business more effectively.


    • Email / Text editing / grammar software
    • Lead generation software
    • Website and SEO software
    • Project management / Communication software
    • Calendar / Scheduling software
    • Social media and social media scheduling software
    • Finance management software
    • Meeting software
    • Contracts / Proposal / password software
    • Image and design software
    • Other useful apps for time tracking, staying focused, sharing files and remote access
    • Favourite tools and recommendations for VAs

      V.A. Business Management Course

      Virtual Assistant Management Course

      This course is for Virtual assistants and freelancers who want to manage their business more effectively.


      • How to make the most out of your time
      • How to work professionally around your family
      • Methods for multitasking and Managing multiple clients
      • Emergency preparedness
      • The secret to getting more done

      Client Finder course

      Client Finder Course

      This course is for virtual assistants and freelancers who want to find high-quality clients.

      • A 4- step approach to securing clients who are happy to pay you what you’re worth
      • Copywriting essentials for marketing your services
      • Common client objections and how to overcome them
      • A funnel process to secure you 3x more enquiries in your niche and convert those enquiries into sales
      • A framework so you are never stuck on what to say when dealing with telephone consultations

      Enrol in our most popular course, where we show you how we generate leads for virtual assistants.

      Did you know you can provide the same lead generation process as a service to get leads for your clients? Enrol with us, and we will show you how.

      V.A. Startup course

      Virtual Assistant Business Startup Course

      We show you step by step the necessary actions needed to set up a virtual assistant business.

      • Mindset needed for success and common mistakes to avoid
      • Pre start-up phase
      • Instructions on how to create your website and what to include
      • Client finder course – INCLUDED
      • Managing a Virtual Assistant Business Course – INCLUDED

      Includes Virtual Assistant Client Finder Course FREE

      The complete how to start a virtual assistant business course. Cut out the guesswork and learn from virtual assistants that are trained to teach.

      Why Study here

      We are the only active virtual assistant business that are trained and qualified to teach. This means we can provide you with relevant course content and ensure an inclusive, interactive learning experience with all learning outcomes met.  

      My name is Sarian. I have been a virtual assistant for five years. I’m also a qualified teacher with a Diploma In Education and Training. I designed these courses for virtual assistants, freelancers and service-based startups.


      Sara Otu

      Virtual Assistant and Trainer 

      Our courses help you set up your business, find clients and grow

      Scale and Grow Course

      Scale and Grow Course 

      This course will show you how to maximise growth and take your business to new levels.

      • Mindset needed for success
      • Blueprint of proven methods of growth
      • How to build a trusting communicating team
      • Franchising plan opportunities
      • Editing marketing and business plan