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They helped me to find suitable temporary staff at short notice.

Nisha Mahmood

OPTION 1 – Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hire a multi-skilled virtual assistant today

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OPTION 2 – Hire a Prime PA –  Web Design / Content / Marketing

Hire a subject specialist Prime PA to design your website, write your blog content, and help you achieve your business marketing goals.

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OPTION 3 – Employ a Virtual Assistant – Perm or Temp staff

Get instant access to Virtual assistants that have already been screened, interviewed and approved. We will match you with the best out of 1000+ highly skilled virtual assistants. Find out more here.

Risk free


Highly Skilled




We monitor your VA’s performance and results

We screen interview and hire approved virtual assistants 

We offer fast recruitment and replacement cover

We look after all HR, Payroll and Staff Bonuses

We take the stress out of the recruitment process and hire virtual assistants that are dedicated and experienced.

We can match you with the best virtual assistants that will complete your task to the highest quality.

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Discovery Call

Book a FREE 1-on-1 call with our outsourcing specialist and tell us what you need so that we can provide a VA solution for you.

Strategy Planning

Our outsourcing specialist will put together a strategic plan for you and walk you through our VA recommendations.


We’ll take you through the onboarding process and give you the right tools to work effectively with your virtual assistant. 


Our HR Manager will sift through VA candidates and shortlist the best for you to review and interview.


When you’ve chosen your VA, we’ll hire them and take them through VA orientation and onboarding.

Working with your VA

You’ll start working with your VA with the support of the HR Team. They are here to assist you in the initial ‘nesting period’ to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support for you and your virtual assistant. We monitor your VA’s performance. If for any reason your VA is not the right fit we will provide a replacement.


We will handle all HR matters for you from VA attendance, performance, reporting, appraisals and anything else that you may need.