Virtual Assistant Business Start-up Course

Learn how to start a successful virtual assistant business


1-1 Personal Online Sessions – learn with a VA Tutor


Private Online Classroom – learn at your own pace

Course Curriculum

You will learn step by step how to setup your own virtual assistant business

Learning Outcomes – By the end of the course, you will be able to…

  • Identify a lucrative niche for your virtual assistant business
  • Develop a business plan
  • Develop a company brand / image
  • Have knowledge and experience of the software required to provide services
  • Determine a set of processes and policies
  • Understand the legalities involved in the setup of your business
  • Monitor industry for opportunities and trends
  • Automate the majority of workflow systems
  • Develop a marketing plan and market your business using the proven lead generation system
  • Analyse and monitor your marketing results
  • Start your virtual assistant business

Enrol in the 1-1 course

VA Startup Course


Duration: Up to 8 hours 

Level: Beginner

Price: £99 per module / £693 Total: Module 1 – 7

Location: Zoom

Type: 1-1 Pre-booked sessions

Support: 3 months of support after course completion

Includes all sections of the mini-course and more VA business management systems. Plus your questions answered. See full curriculum below

Enrol in the mini-course

VA Startup Mini-Course


Duration: 4 hours 

Level: Beginner

Price: £59.99

Location: Online Private Classroom

Type: Study at your own pace

Support: Q and A

You are shown step by step the most effective way to start a virtual assista

Set up your virtual assistant business the right way

You are shown step-by-step how to manage a virtual assistant business. 

Module 1 – Services

Module 2 – Tools and Software

Module 3 – Payment / Policies / Processes / Plans

Module 4 – Branding

Module 5 – Business Registration and Setup

Module 6 – Create a website

Module 7 – Marketing

Here are just some of the things the V.A. Startup Course includes:

  • Forms
  • Pre setup phase
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Scripts/ Call guides
  • Editable email templates
  • Access to free support group
  • Processes and How – To’s
  • Website (option available)
  • Client finder course – BONUS
  • Phone support
  • Three months email support
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Interactive course designed by virtual assistants that are trained to teach

You will learn step by step how to setup your own virtual assistant business

  • Mindset needed for success and common mistakes to avoid
  • Pre start-up phase
  • 7- Step setup covered in up to 8 hours (covering a total of 38 sections)
  • Learn new virtual assistant skills
  • Instructions on how to create your website and what to include
  • Client finder course – INCLUDED
  • Managing a Virtual Assistant Business Course – INCLUDED 

Learn how to set up and start your own virtual assistant business

The Virtual Assistant Business Startup Course will show you

  • The answer to all the questions that you have when starting your virtual assistant business.
  • How to package your services in the most irresistible way
  • What keywords you should be targeting as a virtual assistant
  • The best tools and software to get your virtual assistant business started. 


Discover where to find clients for your virtual assistant business

The Client Finder course will show you:

  • How to find new customers for your virtual assistant business.
  • The easy way, plus tools to monitor and track your sales and conversions,
  • what to track and monitor to maximise performance and productivity.
  • How to understand your customers and use their problems to sell your services.

Courses designed by virtual assistants that are qualified with: 

Diploma in Education and Training,

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and Training.

Option 1 – Book a 1-1 private course

The Virtual Assistant Startup Course is a live 1-1 training session with a virtual assistant trainer.

Book your session here.

Option 2- Enrol in the mini-course

Option 3 – Self-study


Study all the different aspects involved in running a successful virtual assistant business –

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Then develop the right tracking and analysis strategies to test your results.

Start here. Follow the steps and use the virtual assistant training manuals.


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Make money working from home

You may have already heard the buzz about starting your own virtual assistant business working from home, or you may even know a few virtual assistants or potential clients who could use some help.


The biggest worry we received from people just like you before they enrolled with us is, how can someone like me with no previous business experience set up a successful virtual assistant business?

Those same people are now running and managing their own virtual assistant business and you can too.

 The VA Business Startup Pack includes:







Use the downloads to complete the course

Learn from virtual assistants that are trained to teach.