How to create a website

1. Get your domain name:

The first step in the website creation process is to purchase your domain name if you have not done so already. A domain name is the name of your website. For example, my domain name for this website is

This is the website address that customers can type into the address bar and find your page.


Here is an example:

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2. Decide where to build your website:

Choose which platform to build your website. Wix is an affordable online website developer that allows you to create your website free of charge and not pay a penny until you are ready to publish it. Wix is an easy click and drop website that allows you to create beautiful websites fast. This is a good platform to start with on a low budget. It will enable you to take your time to build the site without upfront costs during the building stage.

The most recommended platform to build your website is WordPress. WordPress is a bit more technical. It features thousands of plugins that help make your website more functional for you and your customers. These are the steps to creating a WordPress website from scratch.


3. Choose your hosting provider. 

Web hosting is a website management service that backs up the content on your website and makes sure it is reachable and active. Without web hosting services, you will need a server to host yourself.

Web hosting services from go daddy start from under £5 a month. Click here to sign up and get your hosting.


4. Connect your domain to your website 

You can watch a quick demo here

Now you are ready to start building your site

You should now be in the WordPress dashboard, which appears like this.


From the dashboard menu, select the option Pages.  Here you will create your site pages, for example, the home page, the about us page etc.


In the box that says enter title –  enter your site title here.


Below in the white box, enter your page content.

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