Why you should hire a virtual assistant for eBay

Hiring a virtual assistant for eBay is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. 

An eBay virtual assistant is a professional who works remotely from their home office to help you complete tasks for your eBay business. 

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant

Here are just some of the things that an eBay virtual assistant can help you do. 


  • List new items 
  • Research new items
  • Edit listings
  • Source photos
  • Respond to messages
  • Send offers  

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for eBay

  • Grow your eBay store faster 

One of the most crucial elements of a growing eBay business is the ability to continue to source new products. 

If you ask most successful eBay sellers they will let you know that their business grew to that level of success because they spent more time sourcing new products than listing items. 

You should not be spending endless hours listing items when the goal is to sell more. 

By hiring a virtual assistant for eBay you are increasing your chances of success as having a VA will allow you time to continue to source new items, giving your eBay business and store the ability to grow. 


  • Stay Consistent with listing and relisting items  

Listing and relisting items consistently on eBay is necessary for the success of your eBay sales, and the search engines will favour your listings as a result. 

eBay does not like it when you stop listing new items and they usually move your listing further towards the bottom of the search results if you don’t continue to list regularly. 

By hiring a virtual assistant for eBay you are increasing your chances of staying consistent with your daily listing and relisting responsibilities. 

eBay virtual assistant

  • Provide holiday cover 

Your eBay virtual assistant can also provide you with holiday cover. This is another way of you staying consistent with your eBay business. If you have a virtual assistant you don’t have to set your eBay shop status to holiday when you go on holiday or if your not available. This means you can continue to earn extra money from your eBay store while you are on holiday.

All you need to do is to ensure there is still someone available to actually dispatch the items for you. Your virtual assistant can still deal with messages for you and continue to add newly listed items to your eBay store. 


  • Expert help for startups

If you are starting an eBay business then receiving expert virtual assistance for your eBay business is going to give you an advantage. 

Our specialist eBay virtual assistant is able to use their experience of selling on eBay to increase your sales.


Common problems eBay sellers face 

After working with multiple eBay sellers, I can tell you that most of our eBay virtual assistant clients usually face one of these two problems. 

 1. Too many items to list 

Are you an eBay seller with more items than you can list? Don’t worry you are not alone there are many other eBay sellers in this same situation. 

If eBay is just a side hustle for you then you may not have the time to grow your eBay business. This means you are missing out on the opportunity to make extra money. 

If you are interested in growing your eBay side hustle then spend more time on your eBay business. 

Spend more time listing items and sourcing new items to resell on your eBay store. If you don’t want to do this and you like the fact you only spend a little bit of time on your eBay business then you should hire a virtual assistant for eBay. 


virtual assistant for eBay

2. Not making enough money  

Due to the high cost of living many people are facing a lot of people have started side hustles like reselling on eBay or other online marketplaces like Amazon. 

This has caused there to be an increased number of listings for many items, meaning you may need to work harder for your listing to be seen. 

Using their experience and expertise your eBay virtual assistant can create attractive listings that will convert even more customers. An eBay virtual assistant can also help with pricing your items and sourcing new unique items that will attract buyers. 


How an eBay virtual assistant provides services 

eBay includes a feature that allows you to provide access to your virtual assistant so they can access your eBay account. 

You can set limitations on what your virtual assistant is able to do and what they can access on your eBay account. You can find out the steps here to set your virtual assistant up with access to your eBay account. 

You then create a list of tasks your eBay online assistant can do for you, then send your task list to your VA. 

Once you have granted your virtual assistant permission to able to complete the tasks on your eBay account your virtual assistant will then log in and complete the task before the due date. 

Download an eBay product listing sheet to delegate your tasks to your virtual assistant. The worksheet is for you to add instructions and details about new eBay listings and tasks. 


eBay online assistant

Hiring an eBay virtual assistant 

At Prime PA we have specialist eBay virtual assistants who know what it takes to run a successful eBay store, they will create you attractive listings which not only receives watchers and views but actually converts them into buyers. By hiring a specialist virtual assistant for eBay you receive expert help from a professional who has helped multiple other eBay businesses become successful. 

To get professional support with your eBay business enter your information on the product listing sheet and schedule a chat with a virtual assistant. 

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